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Sidebar Menu#

The left sidebar has 3 main sections.


The "Performance" section is where the action of reviewing projects takes place.
In this section, users can access all the projects they've created or have been invited to access and/or contribute to.

"Click on the view button on the line corresponding to the Project of interest to access its Project Dashboard Page"

Click on the three dots at the right end of the project line to delete a project from the Project List page


Below "Performance", the "Network" section is where you can access profile page of Baulders community Members, including your own profile.
Search for the contact details of a Member in order to contact him directly.
Edit your own Profile .
Fill up your area of Expertise , if you are willing to be contacted for Expert Missions by other Baulders community members.


The "Marketplace section" is where you can source additional services, proposed by Baulders approved providers.
For example, you can order for a fully outsourced independent audit to be conducted using the Baulders methodology and platform.
More Services will be added as they become available.