Account Manager
A Baulders' administrator is the first member of the managing team because he the one who decide to subscribe to Baulders services. Baulder's administrator decides how many licenses will be purchased ant to which project and to whom these licenses shall be allocated. In some big firms, Baulders's Administrator can delegate responsibilities to a employee in order to lead license financial aspects and license attributions to projects. If such a hypothesis, the employed shall have the same access right. If such an hypothesis, the employed shall have the same access right that the Baulders' administrator.
Audit Manager
Once Baulders licenses are activated, an Audit manager is designated to master one or several project. An Audit Manager is designated for one project, or several projects. The Audit Manager is in charge to proceed to Baulders analysis for all projects. Each Baulders project analysis requires dedicated expertise and skill.
The Audit manager shall identify and mobilize skilled actors in order to populate and evaluate all relevant strategic informations.
If required, an external control review can be organized. In such a case, a pool of independent experts can be selected, invited and mobilized by the audit manager in order to review project inputs.
For special purpose , stakeholders shall be endorsed to have access to project analysis. Stakeholders include the Client or his representatives, collaborators, or other managers. can be endorsed to a read only access to some strategic inputs and output of a specific project. Stakeholders have a "read only" access to projects data, including project definition and recommendations data.