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Account Manager#

The Account Manager is the owner of the account. Account Manager shall subscribe to a plan with a sufficient number of projects and access licenses required by his account users. Each user invited to join a project team needs a license, formalized by a link in an invitation email. Account Manager invites Audit Managers to be the "Orchestra Chief" of the Project. Audit Managers can invite users to join a project.

Audit Manager#

Audit Manager: Project manager. He is added by the Account Manager. He can have the same rights as the Account Manager if he is linked to the Account Manager's account. For more information please refer to the permission matrix. By default, each project must have an Audit Manager. If the Account Manager removes the Audit Manager from the project, it becomes the default Account Manager and Audit Manager.

The Audit Manager is designated by the Account Manager. If the Audit manager wants to invite actors or experts to his project, he shall attribute a new license to each single actor or expert invited. For each project, the Audit Manager shall keep a valid license. If the number of available licenses is not enough, then the Audit Manager shall contact the Account manager in order to purchase complementary licenses.

Note: If one user is responsible for different roles in different projects which are under the one Account Manager, they will only count as taking up 1 licence.

Example of license attribution: Suppose the administrator had purchased 20 Baulders licenses.


They can be added by the Account Manager and/or Audit Manager. The Account Manager and/or Audit Manager assigns them strategic information for which they are responsible in the project.

An Actor is responsible for populating and evaluating one or several strategic informations. Note that a strategic information can have only one actor responsible . An actor shall track the evolutions of the strategic informations in terms of Knowledge and Implementations. An actor has the right to modify strategic informations and all modifications are recorded into the Activity Log.


When the Audit Manager want to have an external control, he can invite independent expertise with the duty to overview Actors' assessments. An expert is responsible for populating and evaluating one or several strategic informations. The Expert's evaluation is stronger than the Actor's evaluation. Any Strategic information modification is recorded into the Activity Log.

When an Expert has reviewed an Actor appreciation, the Actor shall justify his point of view, providing documentation and evidence. Final Knowledge and /or Implementation values are decided after discussion between the expert and the Actor, The audit manager shall also decide and arbitrate between actor and expert.


A stakeholder is invited by the audit manager. A stakeholder has read only access to the complete set of data of the Baulders project audit. They cannot intervene into the audit process.

A stakeholder can be a Project Partner, a Client, an industry professional or other.