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Start from scratch#

creating a project from scratch , step by step, within Baulders software.

Declarative Project#

Project informations
Project informations marked with (*) are mandatory At any time , you can stop your project definition process and come back to the project later in order to finalise the Project definition process.
  • Project Name*
  • Project Type*
  • Country*
  • These fields "*" are mandatory. The other project specifications are indicative
Project Objectives and results
These information are indicatives ? You shall resumes in a few words the key missions and perfromances expected In complement, you can attach project documentation ( documentation in pdf or network link )

Input data declaration#

A function is an action contributing to an Objective success So a project can be defined by several functions contributing to the full project success.
Strategic information: importance factor
Default Importance factor is 1 Maximum importance factor is 5 . Tuning the importance factor allows to increase the strategic informations relative importance. The importance factor is a way to tune the project definition. You increase strategic information impact on the project according your vision. Importance factor can be modulated between 1 and 5.
Tag are skills, comptetences. A tag can be excecuted by an actor Tag are skills, comptetences. A tag can be excecuted by an actor A tag can manage several strategic informations
Typologies contribute to functions and /or strat├ęgic informations classifications. A typology can encapsulate all financial data for example.Or can regroup all functions involving environmental constraints. Typology can be considered as family of data. Typology contribute to a better project analysis and data sorting The systemeic graph includes typogy filters and allows a better vision on systemic relations ship between projects inputs.

When you have declared your projet , Baulders takes over your data and generates automatically the four matrices described below Then, You shall complete the four matrices below generated by Baulders.

Matrices generated by Baulders

Relation Inputs#

Relations: Strategic informations and Functions
For each function , you shall declare witch Strategic Informations contribute to each function.
Relation: Actors, Experts, and Strategic Information
At this step of the project definition, you attribute ONE tag to each Strategic information. An Actor ( Role) can be attributed to several informations. A Role can be attributed to several informations If there are several Tag in charge of one strategic information , then you have a conflict to be sorted out urgently.
Relation: Actors and Function
Functions are also managed by Actor. In to this allocation matrix, you shall attribute one Actor to Functions. A function can be managed by only one Role. If there are several Actor in charge of one function, then you have a conflict to be sorted out urgently
Relations: Strategic informations and Typologies
Strategic informations have different nature. Some are relevant to technical, financial, legal, social, environmental domains for example.But some Strategic informations are in the meantime rules , standards , commercial requirement or any other types. typologies. So you can activate several typologies for one strategic information, allowing multiple choices sorting actions. Using typologies, it is possible to sort Strategic Informations by nature and type. A strategic Information can be identified as a "construction standard " or an "environmental recommendation" for example.