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Relationship input between "Functions" and "Stategic informations"


A function is an action contributing to one or more project need / objective. Several functions can be contributing to the full project success.
A function usually includes an action verb : eg "deliver a high level of security"


Tags are skills, comptetences. A role can be executed by an actor A role can manage several strategic informations

Click on + a role

Declare the role

Attribute a color to a role. Colors will contribute to clarify graphs and analysis

Strategic informations#

A strategic information is an essential information contributing to a function or to several functions of the project.

Strategic informations can be technical, legal, social, environmental or any other aspect in relations with the project functions.

A strategic infomation is managed by a unique role


Typologies contribute to functions and /or strategic informations classifications. A typology can encapsulate all financial data for example. Or can regroup all functions involving environmental constraints.

A typology can be considered as a family of data. A typology contributes to better project analysis and data sorting.

The systemic graph includes typology filters and allows a better vision on systemic relationships between projects inputs.

Importance Factor ( for strategic information )#

Default Importance factor is 1 Maximum importance factor is 5 . Tuning the importance factor allows to increase the strategic information's relative importance. The importance factor is a way to tune the project definition. You increase strategic information impact on the project according to your vision. Importance factor can be modulated between 1 and 5.