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Relations Inputs#

Functions / Strategic Informations matrix#

For each function , you shall declare witch Strategic Informations contribute to each function.

Strategic Informations x Tag matrix#

At this step of the project definition, you attribute ONE Tag to each Strategic information. An Actor or Expert can be attributed to several informations.

A Tag can be attributed to several informations

If there are several Tags in charge of one strategic information, then you have a conflict to be sorted out urgently

Tags / Functions matrix#

A Function is also assigned to a Tag. In this allocation matrix, you shall attribute one Tag to each Function. A Function can be related to multiple Tags and a Tag can be related to multiple Functions.

Strategic Informations / Typologies matrix#

Strategic informations have different nature. Some are relevant to technical, financial, legal, social, environmental domains for example. But some Strategic informations are in the meantime rules , standants , commercial requirement or any other types typologies.

So you can activate several typologies for one strategic iformation, allowing multiple choices sorting actions. Using typologies, it is possible to sort Strategic Informations by nature and type. A strategic Information can be identified as a "construction standard " or an "enviromental recommendation" for example.